(Video) Live Life To The Max Or Just A Nutcase: Kim Jong-Un SMOKES a cigarette Near highly-flammable liquid rocket fuel

Kim Jong-Un SMOKES a cigarette right beside North Korea’s experimental ICBM that is filled with highly-flammable liquid rocket fuel

Kim Jong Un was seen smoking a cigarette beside experimental engines on North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile before it was launched.
The supreme leader of North Korea was only feet from the base of the Hwasong-14 which has untested liquid-fueled rocket engine.
In a video clip spotted on Twitter, Kim can be seen puffing on a cigarette as the missile is set up to be launched on Tuesday.
No one stopped the North Korean leader from smoking there, even though liquid fuel is highly dangerous and even if it controlled can be volatile.

Quit SmokingNorth Korea announced its successful test-launch of the ICBM Tuesday, saying the missile was capable of carrying a large and heavy nuclear warhead.

In an announcement of the missile test, North Korean officials called the launch, which leader Kim Jong-Un supervised, a ‘glistening miracle’.

US President Donald Trump previously dismissed the idea of the North having a working ICBM, vowing it ‘won’t happen,’ but experts say the new missile could reach Alaska or even further towards the continental US.

The North has long sought to build a rocket capable of delivering an atomic warhead to the continental United States – something that Trump has vowed ‘won’t happen’, and launch marks a new phase in the country’s decades-long weapons program.

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