Video: Police Officer Attacked by Black Lives Matter in London While Making Arrest

A police officer in London was attacked by a group of people screaming #blacklivesmatter.  The incident happened when the officer tried to arrest a man sitting on a park bench.   The man began resisting while he screamed #blacklivesmatter.  A female then comes up behind the officer and wrestles him to the ground.

The officer is hit and bitten as the man filming the incident laughs hysterically. Bystanders watching the incident also laugh, nobody offers the officer a hand.

Police were able to eventually arrest both suspects. They will appear at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court. The officer was treated in hospital for minor injuries but was swiftly released.

Video loads below, if you are unable to see it, Click here to view the video on Daily Mail.

People are outraged over the video. Many wonder why nobody helped the officer. Several believe the person filming the incident should be charged. Superintendent Gary Taylor of Hillingdon Police is proud of the officer for demonstrating self restraint:

“He was faced with hostility from a large crowd on his own and as you can see in the footage was attacked and bitten. This officer is a dedicated ward officer on Hillingdon Borough. This kind of behaviour against our officers is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We have now charged two of the suspects involved. The officer is recovering and is being fully supported.” – Gary Taylor

Source: Daily Mail
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