VIDEO: Seven Antifa Thugs Arrested At Portland Patriot Prayer Rally

antifa thugs

Another peaceful rally turned violent on September 9th, thanks to to antifa. The group Patriot Prayer, which condemns violence and advocates for free speech, organized a rally in Portland, OR. In true fascist form. antifa held a counter protest, dubbed the March Against White Nationalism. Because “nazis”.

Portland police set up barricades and checkpoints, in an effort to keep the groups separate. They had also confiscated several weapons from the thugs, including weighted gloves, bats, and shovels. However, that didn’t stop antifa from escalating matters. They proceeded to throw rocks, smoke bombs and other projectiles at police, injurimg at least two officers.

Seven “anti fascists” were arrested on charges including disorderly conduct, theft, interfering with a police officer, assault on a police officer and harassment. Two more were arrested in nearby Vancouver, WA when Patriot Prayer moved their rally and antifa followed.

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