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Video: Trump Supporter Knocks Out Portland Antifa Protester

Violence erupted on Saturday in Portland between Trump supporters and antifa protesters. Two groups held rallies in Portland. The anarchist “antifa” group “Oregon Students Empowered” held a rally called “stand against police targeting” in Chapman Square. The conservative group Patriot Prayer went to the rally to “watch” the protesters in an effort to prevent them from breaking laws and causing violence.

A confrontation eventually occurs between both sides. Both sides start out talking, but the talking turns to profanity laced screaming in a hurry. An antifa protester touches a Trump supporter, who in turn punches the antifa protester in the face, knocking him to the ground hard.

The fight lasts for one punch, after which both sides resume screaming at each other. Eventually things begin to cool off and antifa walks away. The video concludes with the conservative group notifying the public that the antifa protesters are carrying knives.

Warning: Explicit Language
This language contains language that may offend some. The fight starts around 1:32:

Source: Heat Street
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