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Is YOUR Vote Now a Hate Crime?

In Seattle, at a College Republican and Patriot Prayer Rally, young Americans who gathered to support the president and the USA were attacked by a mob of leftist activists who wanted to shut down their right to free speech and peacefully assemble.

5 people were arrested for crimes, flags were burned, and the face of the anti-American left was exposed.

Over 1,000 counter-protesters showed up to oppose patriots gathering together. Kathryn Townsend who voted for Donald Trump said:

“I learned that they thought my vote was a hate crime”.

And this is the reality of what is happening. People are being attacked and marginalized for not casting a vote the way the opposition wants. Do you know what other countries this happens in? It happens in North Korea, where people are forced to vote for one person on fear of death…And this is where the “progressive left” wants this to head.

They are bullies, they are anti-freedom, and they quite literally, want to stop you being able to speak openly and use your vote in the way you see fit.  Isn’t this fascism? A counter-protestor summed it up well:

“I’m not a fan of the president, and these people are fans. So I want to come out here and say this is not OK. And what you’re doing is not OK.”