WAPo Says Patriotism and Loving your Country is…Racist!!!

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The Washington Post has finally declared itself as an anti-American organization. In one of its articles, it discussed whether protest was racial or patriotic, and came to the conclusion that in America, “patriotism has always been racialized.” The Gatewaypundit points out that this clearly implies that if you are not white and you happen to love your country, then you are a traitor to your race.

What they fail to see is that the more they denigrate the US and American patriots, the stronger the love of country becomes…Because people are beginning to see that America is under attack from influential, well-sponsored, and downright ugly opinions from the MSM and much of the government.

And here’s why: They want a race war.

It sounds hyperbolic, but it is exactly what they want. They want neighbors to hate each other, they want friends divided…And it’s all because it would ensure that their media empires will have decades of material and a nation glued to the TV.

For them, the lives lost are irrelevant; every black man or white man killed will be hours more “entertainment” for them, and all it costs is your brother or friend.

All Americans of every color need to come together and realize that the Establishment actually hates us. They want us divided and miserable and ready to believe every lie they tell us. Don’t buy into it, don’t hate your friendsĀ and neighbors because of their color, join hands and stand up to the dangerous, uncaring media machine.

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