Watch: Antifa Members Don’t Even Know What Fascism Means!!!

Antifa has seeped into almost every aspect of American daily life. We see them protesting on the streets, hear about them on the news and radio, and see their slogans and ideas plastered all over social media. You would think that with such presence, they really must know what they are talking about. They wouldn’t beat innocent people senseless, destroy property, tear at the fabric of our society without being confident in their beliefs, would they?

As it turns out, yes. These leftist idiots actually don’t know what the word fascism even means!!! You can watch their idiocy below.

These people are monsters! They are trying to tear down something that they can’t even recognize…And this is why they don’t realize that THEY ARE THE FASCISTS!!!!

The most entertaining definition was that fascism is: a hierarchal system that puts whites and Europeans at the top!!! You can’t make this stuff up. Enjoy the madness in the video!


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