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Watch: Auburn Police Demonstrate How To Shut Down Antifa Protesters

Antifa fascists found their antics wouldn’t be tolerated when they converged on Auburn University to protest a speech by white nationalist, Richard Spencer. Unlike Berkeley, police in Auburn, AL don’t mess around. They strictly enforced a no hood/no mask policy, preventing the “antifascists” from concealing their identities. Throughout the event officers were ready to address any misconduct, at a moments notice.

One woman apparently thought she could slip by officers and onto the campus wearing a hood and a bandana over her face. She was promptly stopped and told to take them off or she’d be arrested.

A fight broke out during the event, but was quickly broken up by Auburn PD. Both men, later identified as Ryan Matthew and Seth Miles, were taken into custody. Others tried to jump in, but officers were patrolling the crown and not having any of it.

A third named Benjamin Lee Hansen was also arrested at the protest. All three were charged with disorderly conduct.

This is what happens when police are allowed to do their job and not ordered to stand down. No one got maced, hit with an M80 and aside from the one fight not one was beaten. This was quality policing in action.

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