Watch: Black Lives Matter Protesters Ran Over After Trying to Block Traffic

Black Lives Matter protesters took to the St. Louis streets to protest the death of an armed black drug dealer. Isiah Thomas was gunned down by a Swat team after he opened fire on them during a drug raid. Officers received numerous tips that drugs were being sold out of the house. When the swat team attempted to raid the house, Isiah Thomas decided to go out as a hero to #blacklivesmatter, by opening fire on the police.

And a hero he is to #blacklivesmatter. Hundreds of black lives matter protesters took to the streets to protest the death of the armed black drug dealer who died after initiating a gunfight with the local Swat team. One such protester, an overweight white female, decided to use her size to her advantage. The unidentified female ran out in the street and started blocking traffic. A car approaches her and clearly tells her to move out of the way, when she refuses, the driver introduces the protester to his front bumper:

The protester ends up losing the battle, as the car rolls her onto the road. The car drives off as protesters chase it. The car drives right past a police officer who has his lights on in the oncoming lane. The police officer does nothing as the car speeds past. Several protesters who are protesting the death of a man who tried to kill police stand around dumbfounded as to they the officer didn’t chase the car.

Is this Satire? Is this fake news? No, believe it or not, this is America in 2017.

Source: Tribunist
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