Watch: Democrat AD is the MOST Racist EVER Released!

An ad released by the Democrats to fight against the Virginia Governor contender Ed Gillespie and paid for by the Latino Victory Fund has to be the most racist piece of trash ever shown on television. The backlash was immediate and damning. The DNC is trying to distance themselves from it, but is the damage already done?

The ad depicts a selection of non-white children being chased down by a white man in a pickup truck flying a Confederate flag and with a Gillespie bumper sticker on the rear. At the end, the children are about to be “smushed” when they wake up sweating all at once with concerned parents hovering near. The implication being that if Gillespie is elected, this is the future your non-white children will face.

Not only is it blatantly racist and insulting, it is also idiotic. To suggest the things it does shows ignorance, hate, and a very poor grasp on reality.

The team behind it are the Latino Victory Fund. Remind me again which Latino candidates are there? Is Terence Richard McAuliffe secretly Latino? Or is this just yet another front organization paid for by the globalists determined to create division and destroy MAGA?

Who is this even aimed at? Which idiot could ever watch the ad and see this as a reasonable outcome of the election. The reality is that the DNC is desperate to win at least one victory before the all-important 2108 elections. In fact, DNC leader, Tom Perez, has even staked his reputation saying, “Wait for Virginia” to unhopeful donors who are fast abandoning the party.

Here’s the video:

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