Watch: Miller Takes on Tapper and CNN

When Stephen Miller sat down with Jake Tapper for a CNN interview, Tapper thought he would have the last laugh. So much is happening in the political world, that they had a huge amount of ammunition to throw at Miller and the Trump administration. But what happened was something completely different.

Instead of patiently answering all of the loaded questions, Miller decided to play offensive tactics instead of defense. He rebutted Tappers questions and didn’t allow him to run his own narrative.

In the end, Tapper and CNN had to cut the interview off because they were getting hammered again and again with accusations of Fake News and biased coverage.

Reports say that Miller was actively removed from the studio by security guards!

The leftist media are trying to spin this as a disastrous interview for Miller, but anyone who actually watches it (as you can below) can see that Tapper was thoroughly beaten down. And it’s about time, too.

Instead of letting a biased media set the narrative, Miller took on Tapper and said exactly what he wanted to say. This is how biased media needs to be handled more often.

When pundits refuse to stand up to interviewers, they do the viewers a disservice. Tapper said “I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewer’s time.” But in reality, this was probably the best piece of television news they have caught on CNN for LOONG time.

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