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Watch: Nurse Laughs as WW2 Veteran Dies

veteran dies

In a shocking video just released, it is described how a nursing supervisor actually laughs when a World War 2 veteran passes on. If you can stomach to watch it, the incident takes place at the six-minute mark.

But is anyone really surprised? The depths to which certain people in our country have sunk and the disregard they show for those brave men and women who risked their lives for our freedom is far beyond the pale. It has almost become a badge of honor for them to treat veterans poorly, as though they are part of an oppressive machine!

The reality is, without our veterans, we would be living in a truly repressive regime. Veterans fought the Nazis, fought the Fascists, and fought the imperialized Japanese so that you and I could live free today.


But let’s not forget the brave folk who are fighting today. The goals of the war might not be as clear as they were back then, but it is still the fight between good and evil raging on today as it ever was.

Look at ISIS and what they are doing. Girls as young as six sold daily for a couple of hundred dollars into lives of sex slavery and abuse. If we don’t stop them, who will?

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