Watch: Teacher Handcuffed and Dragged About for Asking a Question

A small female teacher was brutally manhandled, thrown out of a meeting, handcuffed, and humiliated because she dared to ask a simple, but important, question during a meeting.

Louisiana Middle School English teacher Deyshia Hargrave asked the school superintendent why he would award himself a raise when the actual teacher had to go without. Then things turned nasty. The bulky Marshall started getting aggressive and made her leave the meeting. As if being forced out f a meeting you have the right to attend for asking an inconvenient question was not bad enough, just a few minutes later, the teacher was in handcuffs and being dragged and pushed down the hallway.

It is not clear exactly what happens in the hallway after she is escorted out, but the man is over a foot taller than her, and the need for handcuffs (she is not placed under arrest) and the need for such actions are clearly wrong.

This is an abuse of power by not just the Marshal, but also the superintendent who had her removed for asking a question. This is what leftist institutions are…Dangerous places to speak your mind.


You can watch the shocking video below:

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