Watch: Thugs Break Into American Legion, Run Into Armed Vietnam Veteran

A couple of thugs learned the hard way why you do not rob a Veteran owned business. A Wayne County sheriff’s deputy was responding to an alarm call Wednesday morning. The deputy met 76-year-old Don Bertsch at the American Legion Post in Wooster Ohio. Bertsch is a Vietnam veteran. Both men would search the Legion for the source of the alarm.

The two men eventually work their way up to the second floor. This is when where Bertsch encounters two men inside an office they have broken into:

“Came face to face with a guy in a ski mask and he hollered at me ‘don’t shoot’ and tried to push the door shut and I could see another individual in there with them and I pulled my gun out.” – Bertsch

Bertsch fired at one of the suspects. Both would be robbers took off running. They were in the middle of using heavy duty tools to pry open a large gun safe, but were interrupted by Bertsch and ended up leaving empty handed.

Police are now trying to identify both suspects, neither of which were shot. Bertsch says he has no regrets about his actions. “To me, don’t break into any place; get a job.”

Source: Fox News
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