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Watch: Twerking Girl Causes Head On Collision Between Motorcycle and Car

A Twerking girl on the side of the road managed to distract two drivers at the same time resulting in a serious accident. As the girl dances on the side of the road, a man speeding on a motocycle fails to see a BMW turning in front of him. The motocycle plows into the BMW head on, ejecting the driver off the bike. While the media has placed the blame solely on the man driving the bike, it is safe to assume the driver of the BMW was also distracted:

Immediately after the crash the woman and person filming run towards the man laying in the road. They were clearly panicked by what happen. The man somehow survived, however he didn’t come out uninjured. The motorcyclist suffered a broken pelvis and leg.

The video was viewed over 200,000 times since it was uploaded. The video was filmed in the Ukraine. It was uploaded on Sunday.

Shocked commenters on YouTube have asked “why would you dance on the motorway?” They should be asking both drivers “why did you take your eyes off the road?”

Source: The Sun
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