Watch: Woman Jumps McDonald’s Counter and Attacks Employees Over McChicken Sandwich

Two people have been arrested after a brawl broke out in a Des Moines, Iowa Mcdonalds. Valerie Shepherd became irate over time as she waits for her McChicken sandwich. The video starts when Valerie has had enough. When the manager finally gives her the McChicken sandwich, Valerie throws the sandwich back in her face. Valerie demands her money back, when the manager refuses, Valerie jumps the country and begins throwing punches. One employee who was trying to call 911 got hit in the face.

Des Moines police arrested both people involved on June 6th. Valerie Sheppard, 21, and Jesse James Downs have both been charged with Assault Causing Injury and Disorderly Conduct. Police said tips were instrumental in the arrest. They thanked the public for their help.

Sheppard was arrested for public intoxicating in October 2016. Relatives of Sheppard find the incident hilarious, they can be found joking about it on Facebook.

Source: Heavy
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