Weinstein and Spacey Enter Rich Man’s Sex Rehab

Both Harvey Weinstein and actor Kevin Spacey have both checked into a Sex Rehab clinic in Arizona called “The Meadows.” Is this a true attempt to “cure” themselves of decades of sexual assault and abuse, or is it just a typical Hollywood “apology” that will (if charges ever get filed) help them get a lenient sentence for alleged crimes.

The Meadows is a place for the super-wealthy, where they can hide away and receive “treatment.” The sales pitch goes like this: “In a safe and nurturing community composed of their peers, men are guided on their journey of recovery by examining the underlying causes of addiction and co-occurring disorders,” so a country club then?

While it is hugely important not to conflate a basic “come on” line with sexual abuse, the allegations against Harvey Weinstein clearly do not fit into this category. Weinstein appears to have abused women for decades, even having it written into his contract to limit liability. His brief stint in the Meadows in no way absolves him from his crimes and it is laughable that a few weeks at a retreat will stop a lifetime of bad behavior and an attitude towards women that is frankly disgusting.

That being said, the furor taking place in the media is NOT balanced.

For example, a leading British Minister was forced to resign from the government because he put his hand on someone’s knee several years back, yet a leading politician on the left cheated on his wife by engaging a couple of rent boys and paying for their cocaine in a drug-fuelled orgy…He was given a top position on the UK’s crime commission.

And very few people are looking into the huge amount of abuse suffered by males in society. Statistics suggest that there are more males forcibly raped each year than females…where is the # campaign for this?

Looking at all sides of an issue does not lessen the point. Sexual abuse (especially from those in positions of power) is rife, and something needs to be done. But we won’t solve the problem by ignoring half of the victims.


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