Did a White House Aide Really Do a White Supremacist Symbol?

The internet has blown up this morning with news that an intern who used to work at the White House was caught on camera doing a “white supremacist” hand gesture. But is this true? And if it is, does it actually say anything about the White House and the president?

Jack Breuer is a recent college grad, and in a picture that featured dozens of people all copying the president doing a thumbs up gesture, he decided to do the “OK” gesture. Is this now a white supremacist sign? Idiocy!

Firstly, if he has no other white supremacist history, why would anyone assume that this means anything other than “OK”? COuld it be because the left is constantly looking for racism and hatred everywhere they go?

These people are so obsessed with the idea of a division that does not exist, that they are willing to con the people into thinking it really does.

If we search for hatred, we will almost certainly find it…but the reverse is also true…If we search for innocence and love, we will find it, even if it’s not there.

Should we now be looking back through history for all the folks who have ever done the “OK” sign and call them racists? It is pure idiocy that is nothing but a way to keep the anger levels up of the gullible, keep them watching, keep them hating, and keep them asleep!


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