White House Opens Hunt On Leaking Officials, Charged Four People

US Senator Jeff Sessions (L) of Alabama speaks with US President-elect Donald Trump at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, USA, 17 December 2016 (EPA/DAN ANDERSON

The US government has hunted officials who leak confidential information to the press. Minister of Justice Jeff Sessions showed Friday that his ministry has drastically increased the number of investigations into leaks at the White House and intelligence services. Four people have already been accused.

Since the arrival of President Trump, the White House is being harassed by a tsunami of leaked information, especially about the contacts between its employees and representatives of Russia and the chaos in Trump’s staff. The intelligence services also leaked to the press.

Sessions complained about an ‘astonishing amount of leaks that undermine the government’s ability to protect this country. This culture of leaks must stop. ” Earlier this week, the literal text was leaked of two telephone conversations in which Trump fought with Australian Prime Minister Turnbull and Mexican President Peña Nieto.

Sessions was under heavy pressure from Trump to work on detecting leaks in the White House. Trump publicly announced that he regretted Session Appointment because he did not do anything about it. Trump made him even worse that he had not been able to prevent a special prosecutor from being appointed for the Ruland affair investigation.

Sessions received back support from Dan Coates, chief of US intelligence services. According to Coates, the leaks present a danger to national security. “If you let out secret information, we will find you and we will charge you. And you will not be happy with the result, “he warned.

Witch hunt

One explanation for the huge amount of leakage is that Trump fights the FBI and intelligence services in the harness by accusing them of starting a witch hunt with their finding that Russia has tried to influence the elections. He even went so far as to accuse them of ‘Nazi practices’.

Trump made it even worse with the resignation of FBI director James Comey. For some FBI people, it was likely that the crane would open even more to prevent Trump from silencing the investigation of the ties of his campaign team with the Russians. But also in the power struggle between the various groups within the White House, leakage were made to the press.

Trumps co-workers have a different opinion. They complain that the leaks are the work of what they call the Deep State, a sort of shadow government of officials trying to sabotage the ‘Trump Revolution’ with the help of traditional media. But Trumps attack on what he calls the fake media so far has had only a counterfeit effect: day to day there are new painful revelations about Trump and his involvement in the press.

While Sessions and Coates get started at the ministry of justice and intelligence services, Trumps new head of staff, General John Kelly, has started his work in the White House. Kelly was nominated by Trump last week as a successor to Reince Priebus, who fell in the internal wars in the White House.

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