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White House Sets Out Demands On Immigration

According to Politico, teh White House has set out its final demands for a deal on DACA. While immigration hawks might be unhappy, the numbers show that this offer would massively cut immigration long into the future.

During a policy call white top Republicans, White House staff apparently put together an offer that would grant a path to citizenship for over a million young adults (hawks would call this Amnesty), in return for this, the president is demanding:

An end to chain-migration (limited to spouse and minor children).

Ending completely the Diversity Visa Lottery.

$25 Billion to complete the border wall between the US and Mexico.

For those who think that no deal is beter than this, it is worth remembering that over 70% of migration happens through chain migration…That’s over 9 million!

The government shutdown last week achieved one thing. It showed the American people that the Democrats were more intersted in illegal migrants than in the keeping their country running. They have exposed themselves, and then been made to look weak by backing down.

What happens when the next deadline falls due in early February? Will the Dems prostrate themselves on the platform f PC, or will they grow a spine and start looking out for the people who voted them into office?

The Dems want the right to tear themselves apart over this so they don’t have to deal with it on their own.


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