White Lives Matter Rally DID Have Racists – But Guess Who Else Was There?

The Tennessee rally that went under the title White Lives Matter contained a cross-section of different people. There were Nazi supporters, White Supremacists, and more. But what is being ignored by the MSM is the others who were there.

The coalition of groups not only contained the usual suspects but also Socialists. According to Al Jazeera and other networks, the demonstrater included “neo-fascist Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP), the National Socialist Movement (NSM), the neo-Confederate League of the South and other white supremacist groups.” So “Workers party” and “socialists.” Is it a surprise to anyone sane person that groups who identify with Communism and Socialism (which themselves are responsible for more than 100 million deaths in the last hundred years) are violent and evil people?

Why do the media constantly portray socialists as caring and good folk? They follow a hideous ideology that whenever implemented around the world has lead to mass deaths and imprisonments of people for speaking their minds. Oh, and usually a fair bit of starvation of the masses.

And then there is the idea that anyone who would support something called “white lives matter” should automatically be considered a racist. This lacks any spark of critical thinking. If Black Lives Matter say their movement is a response to injustice, why not for whites? Are whites not subject to injustice? They argue that the injustice is done to them because of their race, but fail to see that people of other races who live in the same poverty are equally denied access to opportunity and basic health and education. It is a class issue, not a color issue…If they can’t see that, they’ve already lost.

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