Who is The Resistance? And Who Funds Them?

The Resistance has been running for over a year now and been trying desperately to disrupt the US administration, and overthrow President Trump. But who are they and who is funding them?

Are they, in fact, grassroots activists who just “care about the country”? Or is there something more suspicious at play here?

Let’s look at “victories” that have been claimed by The Resistance. Perhaps this will give us a better clue of who they actually are:

Defeating Obamacare repeal. This was claimed as a huge victory by the Resistance. They said that it was a win for the American people. But who was behind this. Much of the campaigning was done by OFA (organizing for action), which is a group set up by and led by one Barack Obama and one Eric Holder. Grassroots? Or DNC machine?

Russia Investigation: It is strange that the Resistance claims this as a victory for themselves. I thought that the investigation was being carried out by the US government? Apparently, the answer is yes and no. Does this mean that the Resistance is actively operating within the US government? It seems that these people are actually the Deep State, and are working against the government that employs them for ideological reasons. They need to step down or be fired.

Trump’s Popularity: They also claim that they are responsible for the fall in Trump’s popularity. The reality is that Trump had a popularity rating of just over 40% when he was elected, and that hasn’t really changed. So what have they done?

The truth is that they are betraying their country, but doing it so ineffectually that it is making no difference. In fact, President Trump is getting more popular around the world and achieving far more than any other president.

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