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Wikileaks OUTS Mueller For What He Really Is!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller who is presently heading up the investigation into President Trump is a well-known figure and former FBI Director, but what’s not known is his real role in government.

Julian Assange has just outed Mueller as an “off-books ops manager” in the latest Wikileaksdoc document dump…And this doesn’t bode well for the President. It appears that Mueller is responsible for running operations that “serve the US interest” but that may not be actually legal.

The documents and Assange himself suggest that Mueller sent 8 FBI agents to meet with the Icelandic Minister in an effort to frame him. Fortunately, the Minister is a man of integrity and refused t cooperate; we now know what lengths Mueller will go to in order to “get his man”.

Mueller is also partly responsible for convincing the American public that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and therefore, that we should go to war. Do these sound like the day to day duties of an FBI Director? Isn’t the FBI supposed to be concerned with “in country” issues?

With Mueller heading up the charge against the president, we need to be on a sharp lookout for a dirty tricks campaign. He has his instructions to bring down Trump, we don’t yet know the lengths he’ll go to.

Ever since Robert Mueller was appointed special investigator of this ridiculous Trump-Russia “collusion” conspiracy theory, many have been asking “just who is this Muller person?”

Well, Julian Assange just issued an earth shattering tweet that shows Mueller is an expert at framing people, including Wikileaks, in order to meet a political agenda! (SEE TWEET BELOW)

This isn’t the first time Mueller has done this.  He also played an integral role in convincing the American people that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in order to get us involved in a war with Iraq.  Of course, as we all found out, that was a total lie.

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