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Woman Claims WAPO Offered Her Money to Accuse Roy Moore

In the latest twist of events in the Roy Moore scandal, information has come to light that there is, perhaps, a deadly agenda working against him and the MAGA platform.

One of the key questions to ask is why these allegations have all come out with just a month to go until the Senate election? Why did they not come out when Moore was traipsing all over Alabama trying to win the nomination? Those more inclined to conspiracy are suggesting that the GOP could now install their chosen candidate against the wishes of the Alabaman people who voted for Judge Moore. There would be no time to run another primary.

Back to the WaPo allegations.

A Twitter user, identified as Doug Lewis, has claimed that someone he knows was contacted by a woman claiming to work for the Washington Post offering her money to make an accusation against Roy Moore. He goes further and says that his friend has pictures and a recording that have been forwarded to local law enforcement.

There is no comment from the DA’s office yet, and as such, these claims are still in doubt. But they are certainly food for thought.

Added to this is the fact that one of his accusers worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign and former VP Joe Biden; her association with the “Resistance” is in itself suspect.

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