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Women Banned From Dunkin Donuts In Saudi Arabia For Really Stupid Reason

Women’s rights advocates are probably not going to be happy about this one.   Signs have been spotted on doors to the shops in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh.  The signs say “unescorted women” are not allowed.   Woman are not permitted on the premise unless they are escorted by a man.   Dunkin Donuts joins a list of American food chains that have had issues in Middle Eastern Countries.


McDonald’s and Pizza Hut both have separate entrances for men and women. Once inside they are seated apart. Women who go into restaurants with their husbands and children are seated in family areas which are screened off. Starbucks recently forbid women from taking orders. A sign read “Please no entry for ladies. Only send your driver to order. Thank you.” The restaurant claimed the local police encouraged them to not allow women to enter.


Saudi Arabia is also the only country that bans women from driving. Women are not allowed to access education, medical treatment and go out for a meal. The significant difference of how men and women are perceived in this country is a testament to how far Middle Eastern countries have to go on human rights, even in the most “civilized” of countries.

Source: Express
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