Yet ANOTHER Fake Hate Crime!

At Kansas University, a car owned by a black guy was scrawled with racist graffiti. Obviously, the MSM went wild and picked up the story reporting that Trump’s America was becoming more racist and intolerant…But guess what? It was yet another in a long line of fake hate crimes designed to spread division and create racial tension. This time, it was the owner of the car who had actually sprayed it…He said it was a prank that got out of hand.

Dauntarius Williams, 21, was the owner of the car (and presumably) the one who got the police involved. He made a statement at the time bemoaning how racist the area was and threatened to leave town back to his home, California. He said: because of the incident, it is “impossible for me to go anywhere. I can’t drive my car anywhere without people stopping me.”

The Associated Press was quick to jump on the “Hate Crime” bandwagon:

“Kansas State University is stepping up police patrols and taking other safety measures following a spate of racial incidents that culminated this week when a black man’s car parked near campus was scrawled with racist graffiti.”

Williams has since admitted that it was him, and has issued a full public apology. And guess what…No charges will be filed against him!

How many times will the media jump on stories like this as if the were a dog going after a juicy bone? They cry havoc and let slip their reporting dogs of war, and all to the detriment of society. Why is no one asking “why?” these people are faking hate crimes? It is a question I would really like answered.

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