You’re Fired: Trump Fires Obama Appointed Federal Prosecutor After He Refuses To Resign

Donald Trump ordered Preet Bharara to resign, when he refused, Trump fired him. Bharara is a Manhattan federal prosecutor appointed by Barack Obama. Trump recently gave him the order to resign, Bharara declined the order to submit a resignation. Trump was left with no other option other than to Fire Bharara, which capped an extraordinary showdown. Bharara was one of 46 holdover Obama appointees who were told by the acting deputy attorney general on Friday to immediately submit resignations.

Democrats were not happy about the firing.

“While it’s true that presidents from both parties made their own choices for U.S. attorney positions across the country, they have always done so in an orderly fashion that doesn’t put ongoing investigations at risk. They ask for letters of resignation, but the attorneys are allowed to stay on the job until their successor is confirmed. By asking for the immediate resignations of the remaining US attorneys before their replacements have been confirmed, the President is interrupting ongoing cases and investigations and hindering the administration of justice.” – Chuck Schumer

This is a breaking story, we will post more information as it becomes available!

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