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Zero Tolerance for FGM Day Completely Fails

You may not have noticed, but yesterday was the International Zero Tolerance Day for Female Genital Mutilation. This disgraceful practice that cuts away all or part of the females genitalia in order to decrease hypersexuality” in later life is most often a religious practice carried out by Muslims.

Yesterday was a disaster. Police forces around the world promoted their commitment to stopping the barbaric practice by virtue signaling on Social media and achieved little else.

One example that is now trending around the world is that of a UK police force, Surrey Police, who tweeted at te beginning of the day that:

“Tomorrow is International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM. FGM is hugely under-reported and children are often fearful to report a crime committed by their family or community. Find your voice, let girls be girls and help fight against FGM

Noble thoughts you might say? But the fact is that in the UK, despite being illegal for a very long time, not one single case has been successfully¬†prosecuted! How is this possible? Could it be because the police are only interested in “appearing” to be doing something?

After their twitter feed was inundated with comments about why not a single person has been convicted over the hundreds of thousands of FGM cases in the UK, the Surrey Police showed their true colors:

“We’re saddened that a few people have taken this post as an opportunity to respond by posting Islamaphobic abuse. Please be aware that such responses are being reported to Twitter and will be passed onto our intelligence teams.”

So they have resources to send “intelligence teams” after people who make Twitter comments, BUT still fail to prosecute a single person for FGM!

At least we now know what their priorities are.