Is Zuckerberg Trump’s challenger for 2020?

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg denies he wants to aim for the US presidency in 2020. But why does he travel around fifty states? And why does he surround himself with former campaign managers?

The beauty of American democracy is that also a nonpolitical can become president. A general, an actor or, like now, a real estate magnate with his own reality show. Many people outside America wonder if America’s power is also its weakness. Nevertheless, or perhaps just because of it, there is now a lot of speculation about the possibility that a new outsider and alternate for the presiding president will be present for the presidential elections of 2020: Mark Zuckerberg,

Facebook’s CEO

He is the opposite of the current president: Trump is 71, Zuckerberg 33; Trump has lots of hair, Zuckerberg carries the pious page of a young monk; Trump wants to reclaim a great past, Zuckerberg symbolizes the future; Trump is from New York, on the east coast, Zuckerberg is from Silicon Valley, on the west coast; Trump is raw, right and Republican, Zuckerberg is polished, progressive and Democrat.

In short, Facebook’s CEO¬†is the president’s antithesis. And as such, it is not surprising that many advanced Americans embrace the idea that Zuckerberg challenger of Trump can be over a four-year period. In the liberal dark, some are clinging to the narrowest line of light.

Apart from political preference, any possible candidacy from Zuckerberg speaks to the imagination. He has more billions than years of life – estimated at $ 45 billion – and ‘being’ Facebook has two billion users (just under one-third of the world’ population). He has 94 million followers. If you are not a megalomaniac of such dizzying figures, then at least ambitious. In America, in this case, the White House soon comes in to play, especially with someone who is completely in the style of Silicon Valley, believing it is the mission of the modern technology sector to improve the world.

Zucherberg's tour trough America / pictures facebook
Zuckerberg’s tour through America / pictures facebook

Advertising pots

Zuckerberg denies everything. When asked whether his plan to visit any state in America was an indirect confirmation of his presidential ambitions, he replied: “Some of you have informed me whether this means I’m aiming for a political job. No, I will not. ” He said he was traveling to get out of his “tech bubble”. Few who believe him.

In that regard, it was not convenient for him to go to Iowa right away. Because this middle-aged farm is traditionally the first stop of every American to become president because in Iowa are the first presidential elections. Candidates are smacking their commercials on to the voters and allow the voters to vote between gray pigs against the background of the grain silos. In the agricultural state, represented in the Senate in Washington DC by a female Republican who, in the past,  castrated her own young pigs, Mark Zuckerberg suddenly came out of nowhere. As a person, he was so out of place, that the question was raised whether he was not an (aspirant) politician.

He did not do any better when he then visited Ohio, the swinging state that gave rise to the ballot in presidential elections. Zuckerberg sat with a family of ordinary Americans who voted for Trump last year. He said that he had ordered his staff to look for Democrats who had become unfaithful to their party and now chosen for the current president. The American media sees it as a signal that the Facebook CEO is already working on an election strategy.

That’s not the only one. Zuckerberg is embracing with former campaign managers, such as David Plouffe and Ken Mehlman, who worked for former president Barack Obama and George W. Bush respectively. He also attracted Joel Benenson, a former Democratic poll of Obama and Hillary Clinton. As an additional indication, he has approved the Board of Directors of Facebook to have a clause in company law that will allow him to gain control of the company after having fulfilled a political role for a while.

Wired, a tech site, wrote Sunday that, according to a recent poll, Zuckerberg and Trump would both get 40 percent of the votes. Other Democrats in the poll, including former vice president Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, would lose from Trump now. So there is still a lot too gain.

He may then be a very successful entrepreneur, Silicon Valley is not a recommendation for all voters. Although the technology industry is ridding in rhetoric about improving the world, its gloss is on its way. Except at the Uber taxi company, Sand Hill Road, a hotspot of venture capitalism, also shows a culture of sexual harassment. Silicon Valley is as sexist as Wall Street, the difference is that Wall Street’s wolves admit it, Maya Kosoff writes in Vanity Fair; The head above the piece reads from ‘the end of the Silicon Valleydroom’.

Investments are also less since mid 2015. Twitter and Snapchat have fallen in value since their IPO. Also, more and more people are getting angry with the “giantism” of technology giants: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. They are happy to call world improvers, but in practice they are also old-fashioned capitalists with the same monopolistic tendencies as the former railway and oil barons. Snapchat suffers from Facebook’s competition, copying Instagram much of Snapchat, writes Kosoff.

Can Zuckerberg really carries the leap to politics, at least he has a long way to go!

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